The events in Odessa at 02 July 2020

Online course "Emotional well-being"

02 July 2020, 19:00
category: the courses
1150 UAH
place: The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot" (Nechipurenko pereulok, 4 (floor 7))

To learn how to manage emotions, it’s important to understand:  Emotions are NOT built-in programs that work under certain conditions.  Emotions are the reactions of the brain and body to internal sensations or external information. Understanding the functioning of the brain and body allows a person to regulate these reactions. In the course, you will learn how to regulate your own emotions and help others cope with them. Four weeks of emotional intelligence training await you with a certified Mindspot instructor. The course program is our development, based on scientific data, many years of teaching experience and personal practice of leading. During the four weeks of the course you will be able to learn:  Ability to be aware of your emotions at the moment when you experience them;  Ability to regulate oneself;  Skill to feel other people;  Skill to act in a social context (“regulate” others). After you complete the course, you will have:  Understanding your emotions: where they come from and how they work; Recognition of the spectrum of emotions: their richness and variability;  Acceptance and permission: you can find peace within yourself and not fight with yourself;  Self-regulation: learn to control yourself in the presence of emotions of any strength. When: Start July 2, Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 (GMT + 3).ЕдMaster: Alena Stupina is a Mindspot certified mindfulness practice instructor. Formal experience 17 years. Yoga teacher with over 17 years of experience. Vice-chairman of the yoga federation of southern Ukraine. Methodologist of the mind-body direction of the Higher League fitness system. Cost: from 1150 UAH (basic package). Learn more information:

The poster of the event — Online course "Emotional well-being" in The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot"