The events in Odessa at 02 July 2020

Screen - Plein Air - Souvenir

02 July 2020, 19:00
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free donation
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

Igor Gusev and Sergey Anufriev (MIR Group), together with Tatyana-Margarita Xu (MSIO), in quarantine, created a creative collaboration with young artists and invited them to enter the open air in an unusual way: without leaving the apartment, use any webcam to visit any point of the planet and even bring souvenirs from there. On June 26, at the Muzeon experimental center, we will see what came of it at the final stage of the SCREEN - PLENER - SOUVENIR project - an exhibition of works by young artists. Participants: Ksenia Shunkarova, Julia Shayakhmetova, Daria Petrishcheva, Mariam Gubenko, Nikita Senkevich, Anastasia Lomachevskaya, Artyom Pastukh, Natalya Blizhina, Nika Leonidova. Project curators: “MIR Group” - Sergey Anufriev and Igor Gusev, Tatyana-Margarita Xu (Odessa Museum of Modern Art).“Art is virtual in nature, because it depicts not what is, but what is possible. Like a dream, art is a parallel reality, where what is possible is impossible in our ignorant “coordinated” reality. And because the plein air is not canceled at all, no, it even expands its capabilities. Using an online webcam, the plein air can install his sketchbook anywhere in the world, he can write a coral atoll or Great Wall at sunrise, sunset shadows of the giants of Easter Island or the Champs Elysees. He can google the places where Levitan and Turner, Guardi and Monet worked or write a sketch from the Robert Smithson spiral on the Great Salt Lake in Nevada or the Grand Canyon from a perspective that is not accessible to the viewer walking on the ground, ”the project description says. Any landscapes, landscapes and panoramas on the planet, unattainable in the usual way, are open to the artist, craving for impressions, as well as to the student comprehending the material. In this case (extreme due to general circumstances) a bold and non-trivial approach is proposed. Therefore, he needs something more than a simple task. Here you need proof - souvenirs are necessarily brought from distant countries. In the “SCREEN - PLENER - SOUVENIR” project, souvenirs are real objects that are “brought” from where the artist was realistically and not created, that is, he should present objects from his apartment as souvenirs that he considers as such and add to the sketches written on a virtual open-air.The event will be held in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art of Odessa Entrance to the event - free donation All funds raised will go to the development of the experimental center Muzeon

The poster of the event — Screen - Plein Air - Souvenir in The Museum of modern art