The events in Odessa at 02 July 2020

Destination - Everything is in your hands

02 July 2020, 18:30
category: master class
800 UAH
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People often ask: "What is my purpose?" "I want to do something, and I don’t understand what?" The answer to this question is already there! He is inside each of you! You always unconsciously strive to do what is truly yours .. Observe what you always strive for intuitively ... What do you wake up with in the morning, with what thoughts? What new can you bring to this world today? What can you create? Someone believes that it is not necessary to know one’s life mission, because many people live without it, not suspecting that it exists at all or it may be with them. Some wonder why they have a gray, boring life or why they don’t feel happy. In our opinion, for those who are looking for their destination, one must understand that even if you find your destination, it is not a fact that this will be for life ... Sometimes the path of life turns from the direction in which you went, and new horizons open for you, developing which you begin to enjoy what you like and do well. Sometimes there come periods when you still do not know that you have found your destiny, and for some reason you can’t live in a different way. And here all the forces mobilize, the energy goes off scale, the enthusiasm keeps you awake, and over time you realize that here it is - your new path, your new destiny. And no crises, situations in the country, temporary difficulties and tipping points can no longer stop you!How to find your destination? How to see your capabilities and expand their boundaries? And what to do next with all this? For all your questions, you will receive answers to the master class Lyudmila Balagura - a certified business coach, coach, consultant, host of transformation games, event organizer. Lyudmila specializes in developing and conducting training programs on personal growth, creating and promoting a personal brand, and sales, working as a business consultant and coach with business executives and owners, top managers and managers. Registration by the link: The cost of the master class: Payment "early bird" - until .19.06.20 - 600 UAH. until 06/30/20 - 700 UAH. from 07/01/20 - 800 UAH. All questions by phone: +38 063 070 43 43 Elena

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