The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Duzhe digital mezhuvannya: 3D scanning

15 August 2020, 18:00
category: more
place: The art space "Siniy Crab" (Primorskaya street 42)

Come to the Blue Crab, so you know the spilniks in creative bullying! Tsyogo once theme - 3D scan. Exchange with ideas, hope and hang out! Ale spchatku - reєstroy: You know with the curators and participants of Duzhe digital residences, guests from different places of the country, as well as with those who: ⚡️ timid, not balakayut ⚡️ fall in love with vivchati new mobility ⚡️ to know about ⚡️ to pry to new knowledge and information ⚡️ have a positive look at life ⚡️ I write to Tim, who stink of chi with his ideas The format is as follows: a part of people come in small, and tsikavi guests come before the party on video calls  (before the speech, this can also be done). The digital engraving takes place on a skin Saturday in the Blue Crabs at 18:00 (Odesa, 42 Primorska st.) Kharkiv: FABLAB KHNUE Provulok Engineering, metro Naukova Mіzhmіske results: according to the restoration, remove the posilannya in ZOOM Enjoy the online broadcast: Fuh, and fate is bezkoshtovna. ‍ Merezhuvannya is a tse of pod_ya, as a kind of vidkritich, creative and motivated people. Here you can get to know oneself with the same thinkers, as you need to know how to become in good time (for knowing new friends).  The project is being implemented by the Pixelated Realities (Odessa) in partnership with Gwara Media (Kharkiv) for the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Partners of the project: SiniY Crab Art-space Pushkinskaya,

The poster of the event — Duzhe digital mezhuvannya: 3D scanning in The art space "Siniy Crab"