The events in Odessa at 14 January 2021

STRATESS 3: Consumer and retail market. Marketing / Offline and Online

14 January 2021, 19:00
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place: The Hotel "Orange Hotel Odessa" (1A Grecheskaya street)

The marathon of strategic sessions with Andrey Dligach continues. The theme for Strat Session # 3 will be the Consumer and Retail Market in 2021.  What's relevant in 2021 for consumer markets?  How to attract a buyer and sell more?  What products to work with?  What marketing strategy to implement? We will talk about this on the evening of January 14 and jointly work out possible development strategies. The meeting will take place in Odessa and will be presented in two formats: offline and all-Ukrainian zoom-broadcast. Details:  Format? - offline meeting and all-Ukrainian zoom broadcast  Topic? - “Market of consumer products and retail. Marketing". Analysis of scenarios and trends. Key strategy issues  Moderator - Andrey Dligach: ➜ co-founder of the Board business community ➜ head of Advanter Group ➜ business strategist, cofounder of the headquarters of the National Economic Strategy of the CEV ➜ futurologist, doctor of economic sciences, professor ➜ investor and owner of more than 10 technology startups  When? - 14.01, 19:00  Where? - Odessa, Orange Hotel, st. Greek, 1a (conference hall) The terms of participation: For Board members, participation is free, subject to prior registration with the Board Angel. For potential participants online, the cost of participation is 1000 UAH. To register for the event, follow the link: Join us!

The poster of the event — STRATESS 3: Consumer and retail market. Marketing / Offline and Online in The Hotel "Orange Hotel Odessa"