The events in Odessa at 16 January 2021

Awareness game "The Mystery of the Female Universe"

16 January 2021, 17:00
category: seminar/training
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Heaven is open to making wishes!   On January 16 at 17:00 I invite you to a very feminine game "The Secret of the Female Universe"  Let's start the game through beautiful and easy meditation, fill ourselves with feminine energy and look into our world through the game! ♥ ️ The game will affect all areas of your life and you will be able to analyze the secrets of your Universe, namely: ✔️ work and finance; ✔️ yours appear in society; ✔️ your rest and leisure; ✔️ family; ✔️ relationships; ✔️ beauty; ✔️ your talents and personal qualities; ✔️ and much more that your Universe will open for you! Our UNIVERSE is abundant! She gives her unconditional love to everyone! Everything we have today is the result of our desires! ☝️Our thoughts, actions, actions and our inner world lead us to today's results.  Feeling yourself and your true desires directly connects us with our Universe. Each woman has her own unique universe! We often see others, but it is very difficult to understand ourselves ... we know how to make someone's world more beautiful and brighter, forgetting to see our uniqueness! 曆曆 Recording by  0938440002 or Direct Number of seats - 7 participants! Manage to book☝️ Venue - cozy, isolated, safe - Athena shopping center, 4th floor, Sfera salon

The poster of the event — Awareness game "The Mystery of the Female Universe" in Location