The events in Odessa at 27 February 2021

Microkinesitherapy Course Internal Organs

27 February 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

Microkinesitherapy COURSE "B" Internal organs. Embryonic muscle chains. 28-29 November 2020 Microkinesitherapy is a unique method that can reveal the essence and cause of the disease. Microkinesitherapy, among other things, is very good for the treatment of acute trauma, pain, fatigue, problems with concentration, learning ability, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for vegetative or psychosomatic complaints. Microkinesitherapy is a good addition to medical and psychotherapeutic techniques, as well as to other rehabilitation techniques. It was developed and scientifically tested in 1980 by the French physiotherapists and osteopaths Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini in collaboration with embryologists, physicists and biologists. PURPOSE OF THE SEMINAR: To look deeply into embryology, into the stages of development of the embryo - the muscular system WHO WILL BE INTERESTED IN: Chiropractors, vertebrologists, neurologists, rehabilitologists, pediatricians, sports physicians, masseurs, osteopathic specialists, psychotherapists and others, as well as for home use. WHAT SKILLS YOU WILL GET: In this course we work with the muscles of the lateral (lateral) mesoblast Features of the embryological bookmarks of the limbs. Muscle-tendon meridians and their connections with internal organs. Diagnostics and treatment of 12 muscle-tendon meridians and ligamentous apparatus of internal organs.Smooth muscle muscles of internal organs. Features of the embryology of the bones of the facial skull. Muscular system of the neck. Smooth muscle muscles and ligamentous apparatus. We diagnose and treat traumatic and “nervous” (emotions, toxins, stress ...) lesions The skills of rehabilitation for diseases are being developed: Sports and household injuries. Pain syndromes of various etiology. Arthritis and arthrosis. Migraines and headaches. Postpartum traumatic dysfunctions of mother and child. Postoperative rehabilitation for pathology of the musculoskeletal system. TRAINING PROGRAM: 12 muscle-tendon meridians 1 muscle-tendon meridian Vessels (arteries, lymphatic vessels, veins) M.rectus capitis anterior (Anterior rectus muscle of the head) M.longus capitis (Long muscle of the head) M.longus colli (Long neck muscle) M.subclavicularis (Subclavian muscle) M.pectoralis major (pectoralis major muscle) M.biceps brachii (caput longum) (Long head of the biceps brachii) M.pronaror teres (Round pronator) M.flexor carpi radialis (Radial flexor of the wrist) M.palmaris longus (Palmar muscle) M.flexor carpi ulnaris (wrist flexor elbow) M.flexor pollicis brevis (Short flexor of the thumb of the hand) M.opponens pollicis (Opposing thumb muscle) M.adductor pollicis (Adductor Thumb Muscle) 2 muscle-tendon meridian Large intestineM.trapezium (Trapezius muscle) M.deltoideus (Deltoid muscle) M.brachioradialis (Brachioradialis muscle) M.supinator M.extensor carpi radialis longus (Long radial extensor of the wrist) M.extensor carpi radialis brevis (Short radial wrist extensor) M.abductor pollicis brevis (Short muscle, abductor I finger) 3 muscle-tendon meridian Heart M.transverses linque (Transverse muscle of the tongue) M. scalenus anterior (scalene anterior muscle) M. scalenus posterior (posterior scalene muscle) Caput breve m. biceps brahii (short head 2-headed shoulder muscle) M. flexor digitorum profundus (deep flexor of the fingers) M. flexor pollicis longus (long flexor of the thumb) M. pronator quadratus (square pronator) Mm. lumbricales (worm-like - 4 pcs.) 4 muscle-tendon meridian of the Bronchi M.masseter (Chewing Muscle) M. levator scapulae (Levator scapula muscle) M.supraspinatus (Supraspinatus muscle) M. triceps caput laterale et caput lonqum (Triceps brachii, lateral and long heads) M.abductor pollicis longus (long m-tsa, taking away the big finger of the hand) M.extensor pollicis brevis (Short extensor of the thumb) M.extensor pollicis lonqus (Long extensor of the thumb) M.extensor indicis (Extension of the index finger) Ella Korobeinikova, [21.10.20 17:19] M.interossei palmares (interosseous muscles of the palm) (interosseous dorsal muscles of the palm)5 muscle-tendon meridian of the Alveoli M. pectoralis minor (small chest) M. coracobrachialis (coracohumeral) M. brachialis (brachial muscle) M. flexor digitorum superficialis (superficial finger flexor) M.opponens digiti minimi (Muscle opposing the little finger) M.flexor digiti minimi brevis (short little finger flexor) 6 muscle-tendon meridian Small intestine M. digastricus (digastric muscle.) M. mohyoideus (scapular hyoid muscle.) M. rhomboideus major (rhomboid muscle pain) M. rhomboideus minor (small rhomboid muscle) M. infraspinatus (infraspinatus muscle.) M. teres minor (round small muscle.) M. triceps brachi (triceps muscle of the shoulder) M. ankonens (ulnar muscle.) Continuation of the medial head of the triceps M.extensor carpi ulnaris (wrist extensor ulnar) M.extensor digitorum minimi (little finger extensor) M.extensor digitorum (extensor digitorum) M. abduktor digiti minimi (M-tsa, taking away the little finger) 7 muscle-tendon meridian Spleen M. subscapularis (subscapularis) M. serratus anterior (front dentate m-tsa) M. obliguus externus abdominis (external oblique m-ts of the abdomen) M. sartorius (tailor's lady) M.tibialis posterior (posterior tibial) M. abduktor hallucis (Abductor thumb muscle) M. flehor hallucis brevis (short flexor of the thumb) 8 muscle-tendon meridian Liver M.transversus abdominis (Transverse abdominal muscle)M.pectineus (scallop muscle) M.adductores femoris (Long, short, large) M.tibialis anterior (tibialis anterior muscle.) M.adductor hallucis (abductor thumb muscle) 9 muscle-tendon meridian Stomach M.constrictor pharyngi M.levator costarum (Short muscles lifting ribs) M.rectus abdominis inferior (lower rectus abdominis muscle, part below the navel) M.rectus femoris (rectus femoris) M.triceps gastrocnemius (caput med. Et lat.) + Soleus (Triceps muscle of the leg) M.flexor digitorum brevis (Short finger flexor) 10 muscle-tendon meridian 12 duodenum M.subcostales (subcostal muscles) M.transversus thoracis (Transverse chest muscle) M.rectus abdominis superior (Rectus abdominis muscle, upper part - above the navel) M. pyramidalis (Pyramidal muscle) M.gracilis (Tender thigh muscle) M.flexor digitorum longus (Long finger flexor) M.flexor hallucis longus (Flexor I longus) M.quadratus plantae (Square sole muscle) M.lumbricales pedis (Worm-like muscles) 11 muscle-tendon meridian Gallbladder M.pterygoidei (lateralis et medialis) M. semispinalis capitis (Semispinalis muscle of the head) M.longissimus capitis (Long (or longest) muscle of the head) M.teres major (Big round muscle) M.latissimus dorsi (Broad dorsi) M.tensor fasciae latae M.extensor digitorum longus (extensor digitorum longus) M.extensor hallucis longusM.extensor hallucis brevis (Short extensor of I toe) M.extensor digitorum brevis (Short finger extensor) M.interossei pedis (plantares et dorsales) (Interosseous muscles of the foot - plantar and dorsum) 12 muscle-tendon meridian Pancreas M.temporalis M.splenius capitis (Belt muscle of the head) M.splenius cervicis (Belt muscle of the neck) M.serratus posterior superior et inferior (upper and lower posterior dentate muscle) M.semitendinosus (Semitendinosus muscle) M.popliteus (Popliteal muscle) M.peroneus longus (Long fibula) M.peroneus brevis (Short peroneal) M.abductor digiti minimi (Abductor V toe muscle) M.flexor digiti minimi brevis (Short V-finger flexor) M.opponens digiti minimi (Muscle opposing the little finger) The seminar is read by Vyacheslav Shafranov The official representative of the method in Ukraine. The price of the seminar is 5500 hryvnia on prepayment until 11.11. Seminar price 6000 hryvnia on prepayment until 15.11.2019 Odessa city Prepayment of 2500 hryvnia is required to reserve a place at the seminar to Privatbank card 4149 4393 0093 1536 Ella Korobeinikova (organizer) After payment, send a photo by SMS At 0682625740 Viber. Handouts for work and coffee breaks are included in the seminar price. The address of the seminar will be indicated additionally. For those who wish to take the seminar again, a 50% discount.You should have comfortable clothes and removable shoes with you, lunch.

The poster of the event — Microkinesitherapy Course Internal Organs in ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation