The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Majestic serenity

12 June 2021, 17:15
category: exhibition
place: Gallery of contemporary art "AURUM" (Torgovaya str., 2)

AURUM ART GALLERY presents: Exhibition "Majestic Serenity" Authors: Elena Ilyicheva Vladimir Ilyichev Bogomolkina Tatiana Mandryk Anna Koval Irina The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the historical memory preserved in the exquisite forms of aristocratic tableware of the 19th century, which inspires us to create a series of paintings with their images. Time-patinated silver of trays, teapots, plates handcrafted by great artisans. Glass bottles in forged frames tell about their owners - winemakers. Table setting for noble estates appears in all its splendor.

The poster of the event — Majestic serenity in Gallery of contemporary art "AURUM"