The events in Odessa at 14 June 2021

Nonconformity at WEartMusum

14 June 2021, 10:30
category: exhibition
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

 Nonconformity 1 - 23 worms 2021 Odessa Museum of Zakhidny and Skhidny Mystetstva at the frame of the Odessa Classics festival Curator - Anatoly Dimchuk 1 worm The Yuriy Mykolayovich Ugorov Foundation is dedicated to the Odessa museums of the Western and Shidny Mistress (WEartMuseum) to present a display dedicated to the ruin of Odessa non-conformities. Realization project in the boundaries of the Odessa Classics festival. Non-conformism of the 70s - 80s of the 20th century is one of the most important things for the mystical life of Odessa. One of the first informal public displays at the Radianskiy Union has been tied with a whole group of mitts. Mova yde about the action "Sichik + Khrushchik", which was seen in the center of Odessa in 1967. The low apartment rentals, organized by nonconformists during the 70s, became an important factor for the development of freedom of speech in the period of the early 1970s. Regardless of the recognition of the official Russian mystery, which was a great dream for the Bagatians of the Ukrainian mitzvah at that hour, the creativity of the Odessa non-conformities is marked by a special lyricism, in the passage of the pre-modern times of winter. As for the past, it is typical for Odesites to continue to innovate from turnings to revolutions, to grow up to the iconographic tradition and greetings of the Odessa Association of Pivdennorussian Artists.Near the five halls of the Odessa Museum of Zakhidny and Shidny Mistress, robots will be presented from private collections and funds to the Museum of Odesa's Mysterious Art and the Odessa Literary Museum. Oleksandr Anufryev, Valeriy Basantsya, Oleg Voloshinov, Yuriya Ugorov, Viktor Marinyuk, Evgen Rakhmanin, Volodymyr Strelnikov, Valentin Khrushch, Anatoly Shopin, Lyrebіli gorovych. The show is to get to know the look of symbolic robots of non-conformity in the period of apartment shows, as well as of the old creative work of mitts and of the modern times. ✨ Vidkrittya - 1 worm about 15:00 Enter vilny far  Schodnya (okrіm middle) ⏳ 10:30 - 18:00  40 UAH  Pushkіnska, 9 #WEartMuseum ______________________ Nonconformists June 1 - 23 Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art Curator - Anatoliy Dymchuk Yuriy Yegorov Fund in collaboration with the Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art presents an exhibition dedicated to the Odesa nonconformist movement. The exhibition is held within the festival Odesa classics.Nonconformism of the 70's - 80's of the XX century is one of the most important phenomena in the artistic life of Odesa. One of the first public informal exhibitions in the Soviet Union is associated with this group of artists. We are talking about the action Sychyk + Khrushchyk, which took place in the center of Odesa in 1967. A series of apartment exhibitions organized by nonconformists during the 1970s became an important step in the development of freedom of speech during the late Soviet period. Despite the opposition to official Soviet art, which was a commonplace for many Ukrainian artists of the time, the work by Odesa nonconformists is marked by a special lyricism, a departure from direct political statements and appeal to universal values. According to researchers, the artists from Odesa are characterized by a combination of innovation with a return to the origins, in particular to the icon-painting tradition and the achievements of the Odesa Society of South Russian Artists. Works from private collections and funds of the Museum of the Odesa Modern Art and Odesa State Literature Museum will be presented in five halls of Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art. The project will include works by Olexandr Anufriev, Valeriy Basanets, Oleg Voloshynov, Yuriy Yegorov, Viktor Maryniuk, Yevgen Rachmanin, Volodymyr Strelnikov, Valentyn Khrushch, Anatoliy Shopin, Lyudmyla Yastreb and others. The show will feature the iconic works of nonconformists of the period of apartment exhibitions, as well as their late and contemporary works.✨ Opening - June 1 at 15:00 free entrance further  Daily (except Wednesdays) ⏳ 10:30 - 18:00  40 uah  Pushkinskaya, 9 #WEartMuseum

The poster of the event — Nonconformity at WEartMusum in Museum of Western and Oriental art