The events in Odessa at 16 June 2021

"Odessa is my native city." In memory of Svyatoslav Skorobogatov (1937-2021)

16 June 2021, 10:00
category: exhibition
place: The house-Museum of them. N. To. Roerich (Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 47)

On May 28 at 4 pm in the Odessa House-Museum named after Nicholas Roerich the exhibition “Odessa is my native city” will open, dedicated to the memory of a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, a member of the Union of Marine Painters of Odessa, Labor Veteran and Veteran of the Odessa Port Svyatoslav Petrovich Skorobogatov Svyatoslav Petrovich Skorobogatov was born on January 22, 1937. In the 60s he graduated from the Odessa Art School named after M. B. Grekov. For 46 years he was the leading artist of the Odessa port; author of the emblem of the Odessa Sea Trade Port. He combined his creative work with teaching activities, was actively involved in social activities, being a member of the A. I. Marinesko Association of Submariners. Svyatoslav Skorobogatov - participant of numerous exhibitions held by the Union of Artists of Ukraine; author of over 40 personal exhibitions, most of which took place in museums in Odessa. Many of the artist's works were acquired by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Works by Svyatoslav Skorobogatov are on permanent display in museums in Ukraine; in private collections in Argentina, Australia, USA, Japan, Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries of the near and far abroad. On April 14, 2021, the earthly journey of a wonderful person and artist ended, who left us love, dreams, aspirations and wealth of the inner world, crystallized on paper and canvas.All 34 works of S. P. Skorobogatov presented at this exhibition - watercolor views of Odessa and graphic self-portraits were donated to the museum by the artist's wife - Ekaterina Emmanuilovna Skorobogatova. The exhibition in memory of Svyatoslav Skorobogatov at the ODMR "Odessa is my native city" will last until July 10, 2021. Free admission Anyone can join the broadcast of the event using the link: After technical processing, the video will be available on the official ODMR channel: Subscribe to our Youtube to keep abreast of the events of the Museum and not to miss new interesting videos! Museum address: st. Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 47 Tel. (048) 715-58-58, (063) 150-90-88 website: working hours: from 10.00 to 19.00 (closed on Monday)

The poster of the event — "Odessa is my native city." In memory of Svyatoslav Skorobogatov (1937-2021) in The house-Museum of them. N. To. Roerich