The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Feminist art "Absolute'n'Equal" by the artist Pazza Pennello in Chornomorska

12 June 2021, 10:00
category: exhibition
place: Location (look in the description)

The exposition of the exhibition "Absolute'n'Equal" by the young and passionate artist Pazza Pennello is made up of the robotic cycles "Kimnati to the absolute" and "Not maє raznitsi". Їх day to be played and mixed in the name of the show with the form of the musical term "rock 'n' roll", in order to transform the heavy artist to retro aesthetics and the style of feminist pop art. From the great place to the native provincial Chornomorsk, voluntary self-isolation in the main, existential jokes and reflexions of Pazza Pennello became involved in the vivage, the scale of the canvas. The robots of the two cycles perekuyuyutsya between themselves zavdyaky rich chewing color. The chain of love colors is mystkin, which often appears on the canvases, for example, at the view of the light directed to the promenade from the lamp. Win symbolizing hope for more beauty, at the same time letting light in the end of the tunnel, but finally skinned people are consumed at the moment I see it, or even self-reliance. “Do not accept it! Look "- this is how the mistress cries out to look more often to listen to yourself and let the light of gadgets flow with information noise. Before the exhibition, the robot "Before the fight!" With the new cycle "Amazon", the hour of the winter lockdown has been opened. On the canvas there is a woman voyovnich, who is always fighting against her strong fears, trivialities, and internal membranes. Pazza Pennello is a picture of myself ... that of our skin. With the project "Absolute'n'Equal", we are completely dependent on the alternative art scene of the place of Ch., In the light of the new name and the reason for trying to get the hang of the painful art. De? Museum of creative arts im. O.Bilogo, metro Chernomorsk, avenue Mira, 30

The poster of the event — Feminist art "Absolute'n'Equal" by the artist Pazza Pennello in Chornomorska in Location