The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

Schoolless excursions in Odessa Artistic

11 June 2021, 11:00
category: tour
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

Odeskiy kartnіy prepares until the next summer season. To meet to conduct excursions for all those who are eager, they took a few new scientific sportsmen! We would like to help yaknaishvidshe come across a quick message about our collection for any audience - they decided to launch low-cost express-excursions Odessa artists. Already from 2 worms at weekdays (last week) about 11:00 everyone wants to have a meal on express-excursion first on top of Odessa art without koshtovno! After an hour of the 30th walk, our new guide will tell you about 5 reverse paintings from the exposition, from the previous authors and the change of mind.  Koli: at weekdays (krim vіvtorka)  Hour: 11: 00-11: 30  Bezkoshtovno Restoration of obov'yazkov 

The poster of the event — Schoolless excursions in Odessa Artistic in Art Museum