The events in Odessa at 14 June 2021

TechMind Pro course start

14 June 2021, 19:00
category: the courses
place: IAMPM (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

TechMind Pro Course - About Project Architecture in Simple Language! This is a Project, Product and BA course that will teach you how to work with project architecture and choose the best solution for a business problem. Waste of money, time and energy can be prevented by asking the right questions to the client and directing the team. The course is taught by speakers from such companies as DataArt, Ciklum, Solar Digital, and RedMadRobot. You will learn to:  Choose architecture at the start of the project and estimate the cost  Properly manage technical debt and releases  Work with changes so as not to redo from scratch  Provide Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery processes  Receive such an assessment from the team to release the project on time Why TechMind Pro: ✔️ We developed the program based on the painful experience of system architects and team leaders of development teams when working with managers. ✔️ The course will teach you how to ask the right questions to the customer and technicians to save money, improve quality and speed up project time. ✔️ The speakers of the course are practicing architects, developers in the position of team leads and PMs who are able to explain complex things in a simple language. View the program and sign up 

The poster of the event — TechMind Pro course start in IAMPM