The events in Odessa at 14 June 2021

DAY CAMP Half-day by the sea + Tiligul 6-14 years

14 June 2021, 08:00
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Our Active and Natural LETO '2021: A complete REST AT THE SEA with games and swimming. Regular cognitive HIKES out of the city. Creative workshops, quests, acting classes and much more. For children from 6 to 14 years old. From 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday in a small group (up to 15 people). Experienced teacher-guides with many years of experience work with children. And yes, we have children swimming, and we look after them with all our eyes. SHIFT CALENDAR: June 14 - June 18 - Half day by the sea + Tiligul June 21 - June 25 - Daytime in Odessa June 29 - July 3 - tent in Odessa July 5-July 9 - Daytime in Odessa July 12 - July 16 - Daytime in Odessa July 19 - July 23 - Daytime in Odessa July 26 - July 29 - tent in Odessa August 2 - August 6 - Daytime in Odessa August 9 - August 13 - Daytime in Odessa August 16-August 20 - Daytime in Odessa SCHEDULE 1st CHANGE ON DAYS: 1st day Half day: walk on the slopes + sea + open air + snack on the fire 2nd day - Half day: walk along the slopes + sea + MK "singing bowls" + snack on the fire 3rd day - Tiligul: Mini-hike in a pine forest + swimming in the estuary + master class on collecting a tourist tent + lunch at the stake 4th day - Half-day: sea bathing + master class on creating bright and unusual fluffy slimes "+ snack on the fire 5th day - Half day: sea bathing + quest game 2nd CHANGE ON DAYS:1st day - swimming + active games + acting class 2nd day - Meeting with the philosopher (clay modeling, swimming in the Baraboy river + lunch on the fire) with Dalnik 2 3rd day - sea swimming + board games + open air 4th day - Rowing Canal (Mk on collecting the tent + swimming in the canal + lunch at the stake) 5th day - sea swimming + games for attention + master class on creating bright and unusual fluffy slimes CHANGE WITH TENTS In a programme: * sea bathing * improvement of the tent camp * master classes * creative activities: * team games * cooking desserts over the fire Structure of the day in the tent camp: 8.00 - rise 9.00 - breakfast 9.30-11.30 - swimming in the sea + creative workshop (snack - fruit) 12.00-13.00 - preparation for lunch and lunch 13.00-14.00 - rest, board games 14.00-15.30 - master class 15.30-16.00 - snack 16.00-17.00 - team games 17.00-18.30 - dinner and preparation of a sweet dessert 18.30-20.00 - free time (sea ..) 20.00-21.30 - conversations around the fire, discussion of the success of the day 21.30-22.00 - hang up Meals - 5 meals a day The cost of the tent camp 4500 UAH for 5 days Other shifts are similar in structure, only master classes and out-of-town trips change (some remain the same, some are added STRUCTURE OF THE DAY (SEA): 8.00 - meeting of children (Shevchenko Ave. / Dovzhenko corner (at the bus stop towards the city) 8.30-10.00 - swimming in the sea, playing10.00-10.15 - snack (given by the parents) 10.15-11.00 - rest in the shade (board game) 11.00-11.45 - swimming in the sea 12.00-12.30 - we order a complex lunch in the boxes on the beach 12.30-13.00 - rest in the shade 13.00-14.30 - master class scheduled for this day 14.30-14.45 - afternoon snack (drink with cookies) 14.45-16.00 - swimming in the sea (game) 16.00-16.30 - collection of backpacks 16.30-17.00 - climb to the top, and the children are met by their parents at the same place (Shevchenko Ave. / Dovzhenko corner), at a stop in the city. STRUCTURE OF A COUNTRY HIKE DAY - ONE DAY DEPARTURE: 7.50 - meeting children at the Privoz bus station or at the railway station 8.30-9.50 - road out of town (according to the shift schedule) 9.50-10.50-11.30 - hike (snack (provided by the parents)) 11.30-12.00 - rest (rest) 12.00-12.45 - search for firewood 12.45-13.30 - lunch at the stake 13.30-15.30 - Master class // game, swimming in the estuary (if the hike itself is less, then there is more bathing and games) snack (drink with cookies) 15.30-16.00 - collection of backpacks 16.00-17.30 (19.20) - the way back to the city Back to the description of the camp MASTER CLASSES FOR SUMMER: 1. Rhetoric 2.unconventional drawing 3. clay molding 4.knitting tourist knots 5.setting the tourist tent 6.low rope course 7.first medical aid 8.acting skills 9.Archery 10.capoeira 11.Healing techniques (general introduction) 12.theatrical and psychological lesson 13.plein air14.the tea ceremony and etc. Departures over the summer: 1.Lilac grove (Belyaevsky district) 2. Spring (outskirts of Ovidiopol) 3.Dnistrovsky estuary 4. Boating on the estuary (Zatoka) 5. Belgorod-Dniester fortress) 6.Karolino-Bugaz with a metal scraper 7.r.Baraboy hike + clay modeling (Dalnik2) 8. Ancient Greek city Nikoniy (near the city of Ovidiopol) 9.Catacombs of the village. Nerubaysky 10 rowing channel 11.Paseka and bee house (outskirts of Teplodar) 12. Oak grove (near the city of Black Sea) 13. Kuyalnik 14.Tiligul estuary and pine forest and etc... WHAT TO HAVE WITH YOUR CHILD: COST OF HALF DAYS per shift of 5 days: _-One child- 1750 UAH Two children from the same family - UAH 3000 One-time participation - 450 UAH. day per child (subject to availability) _- 10% discount for each friend you refer Directions on l. Tiligul is paid separately. COST of a DAY camp for a shift of 5 days: _-One child- 3400 UAH Two children from the same family - 6300 UAH. One-time participation - 750 UAH. day per child (subject to availability) _- 10% discount for each friend you refer Included in the price: * program (workshops, games, classes ..) * travel * meals: lunch and afternoon tea (biscuits with a drink) The cost of the tent camp 4500 UAH for 5 days per child TRAVELby shuttle bus or by train (we teach children to be independent), except for a trip to the Tiligul estuary (ordering transport) FOOD: The kids will be full. Food : custom set lunch or campfire and afternoon tea (biscuits with a drink) SAFETY: * We have been hiking and camps since 2008, so the safety rules in the camp are well organized * The program is rich and the child does not need to be interested in something unsafe * At the sea, river, estuary: we take an awning from the sun and the teacher stands in the water and carefully watches the children * For one teacher-guide-7-8 children * Use of antiseptics before meals and more. * Our guide knows how to provide first aid * And the first aid kit is always in the backpack * Experience of guides working with children in nature from 15 to 25 years * Since we are constantly in the fresh air, there is practically no covid disease Experienced teacher-guides with many years of experience work with children. Tel / Viber / Telegram: 38 (067) 4831194 (Miroslava) Call, write or leave your personal SMS number and we will call you and answer all your questions!

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