The events in Odessa at 15 June 2021

Yaki navichki help keep up with the hour?

15 June 2021, 19:00
category: online
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Restratsia:  ⠀ ☝ Come to the net-free online broadcast and learn: ⠀ ✅ megatrends, which I pour into social and business ✅ yak bude zminyuvatisya rinok will drink that proposition pid їkh in flow ✅ as a robot teacher to develop talents in the team ✅ whichever wins and winks will be the locksmith of the successful kar' наступri in the beginning of 10 years. ⠀  Spikerka - Galina Larionova - mentor of startups, business consultant and author of strategic planning programs. ⠀ TO WHOM IT WILL BE CORRESOUS: Tim, who wants to evolve as soon as possible before feeding the suchasny light. ⠀ KOLI:  15 hearts about 19.00 on Youtube ⠀ VARTIS: bezkoshtovno❗️ ⠀ Reload here:  ⠀  Send an email to Pokrokova instructions "Yak navichki need to develop this year, so you have a successful tomorrow"

The poster of the event — Yaki navichki help keep up with the hour? in Location