The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Regional Cultural Forum “Synergy of Creative Industries. Odessa "

12 June 2021, 12:00
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500 UAH
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Culture, which is the driver and catalyst of the human development, and the central value of Lyudin's work is creative, creative, the main thing about life is Shchastya. Culture is the price for all the values ​​that people develop through their creativity, self-expression, the development of creative potential and the establishment of such cultural projects, to expand people's eyes, to enjoy the new ideas of life and to take the opportunity to live With such multicultural, rich-faceted, creative projects є Suchasnі Bali, how to show with my head the pragmatic people to creativity and art, are: - Cultural diplomats of the place of the country, in which the events are held, open the brand of the place and the national identity of the country, and the space of common tourism among the countries - Immersive mystetsky vistavka, how to open up new talents and creative enthusiasts of the participants, who are fond of creativity. - Osvіtnіm maidanchik, I mark what kind of vikhovannya among children and young people a Healthy Image of life, as well as navchannya in the sphere of spiritual and cultural development - With a gracious return, we open up the role of philanthropy in the social life of the people, and I will directly respect the understanding of the special prominence for the well-being and prosperity of the suspension. - A living ecosystem, like a social social field, shared by all generations and groups of people for the understanding and creation of new cultural traditions.- An art platform that brings together representatives of different types of art and art to new views and creative experiments - Cultural forum, as the legislator of light trends in the culture and culture, as well as international communication of mitts, philanthropists and organizers of cultural podiat for the exchange of comfort in the other spheres of life of the suspension І mi radі ask you for our first regional and transformative Cultural Forum near m. Odessa, de mi razglyayem: · As through the development of creativity and creativity of self-expression of people, you should know your "Shlyakh to Shchastya" We can learn from the creative ecosystem of people-oriented galuzei Casey Projects-Balyv's success, which are the flagships of the culture of a happy life · Piznaєmo ball - as a multi-creative illumination platform for the development of the creative potential of children from the innovation and development of inclusive art. - in the Leaders Club there are people and companies that will become the core of the ball ecosystem of m. Odessa and the main goals of the project and the business process of its successful implementation Forum program: PART 1 - THE CULTURE OF A GOOD LIFE 1.1. Creative CULTURE is the driver of human and steel development. 1.2. Creative lyudin - happy lyudin. Development of creativity and self-expression of people through cultural projects. (Speaker - Marina Ignatusha, head of the Promena Shastya Charitable Fund, director of the Brandberg Universe, head of the Association of the Ballistic Ecosystems, producer of the Venice Balls in Ukraine, wellness and event consultant, cultural diplomat)1.3. Creative industries as a tool for developing the cultural, creative and tourist potential of the city of Odessa. PART 2 - CREATIVE PROJECT-FLAGMATI OF THE CULTURE OF A GOOD LIFE IMAGE 2.1. Wellness Ecosystem is a creative ecosystem of people-oriented galuzei and organization. 2.2. BF ProMeni Shchastya is a platform for the development of philanthropy, cultural diplomacy, culture media and advanced tourism. 2.3. Association of the ball ecosystem - the illumination activity and the vector of the development of the ball culture in Ukraine and society: the calendar of events and illumination programs 2021r. 2.4. Successful cases of the Ballroom season 2021 in Ukraine: - Childish Vіdensky ball - Graceful Viennese ball in Ukraine. 2.5. Trends in the development of inclusive lighting projects in Ukraine. The ball is like a multi-creative lighting platform for the development of the creative potential of children and the development of inclusive art. PART 3 - CLUB LIDERIV 3.1. Formation of the core of the leaders in the project - Graceful Victory Ball and Childish Victory Ball in Odessa. 3.2. Business strategy is a system. 3.3. Business process Regional Cultural Forum “Synergy of Creative Industries. Odessa " Topic: Strategy for the development of ball culture in the city of Odessa Date: 12.06.2021 Hour: 12: 00-13: 00 Leader Club (brunch format) Topic: Project Blagodijny Vіdensky ball and Childish Vіdensky ball in m. Odessa. Hour: 13: 00-14: 00 Participation fee: 500 UAH. Restoration and supplementary information: Marina Ignatusha: 0676597591

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