The events in Odessa at 16 June 2021

Marmur in Inter'er. Presentation at Dolce Casa Design by BAREKS MARMYR

16 June 2021, 18:30
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16 worms on our visit you will have a unique chance from the first hands to see the best nutritional problems. Yak pratsyuvati iz vibaglivim deputy in the food price segment? How to show your professionalism in projects with expensive materials? Why is it not varto zaoschajuvati. To find more natural stones in projects, abi to prive on substitutes from a premium class from great budgets. Albina Nikolenko Director of the company BAREKS MARMYR Misto Kiev, the largest wholesale warehouse of natural stone in Ukraine, tell you about all the delicate projects of marmur, onix and other natural materials. What the leather designer is guilty of is the mother of the portfolio and the stones. Why should Incoli and Dosi be afraid of marmuru chi granita? De Varto p_dvischiti the price, and what you can do is zehtuvati. All of the best and most valuable worms on our visit. More than 15 years of robots from natural stones, a permanent majestic appearance in the warehouse of an assortment of stones from the United States, until this practice is the axis of all the submissions from BAREKS MARMYR as reference experts in their fields. 16 worms you will have a unique opportunity in a quiet environment, with a glass of prosecco, drinking with the leading specialists of the BAREKS MARMYR company. Punctuality to visit! Follow the upcoming announcements! Where? Furniture and interior studio Dolce casa, st. Kanatnaya, 19/21

The poster of the event — Marmur in Inter'er. Presentation at Dolce Casa Design by BAREKS MARMYR in Location