The events in Odessa at 15 June 2021

Paintings and graphics by ZLATA GONCHAROVA "Long live life!"

15 June 2021, 17:00
category: exhibition
place: Art gallery Artodessa (Summer theatre Garden)

Gallery "#ARTODESSA" presents an exhibition of paintings and graphics by ZLATA GONCHAROVA "Long live life!" The exhibition will run from June 15 to July 8, 2021. Zlata Goncharova is an artist, designer, teacher, master of body art. Her work is known and loved in Odessa. This project presents a series of works created over several years of creative activity. Large-format works - still lifes, portraits, landscapes - are made in a rich, vibrant color style. The boldness of formal and coloristic artistic solutions in the creation of paintings is one of the characteristic features of Zlata Goncharova's work. The objects displayed on the canvases - flowers, fruits, dishes, as well as the heroes of the portraits, realize the idea of ​​the completeness of the image, its emotional and psychological components. The artist asserts the life principle both in general and in detail, emphasizing volume and energy through color and shape. Zlata is not limited to painting and graphics. Today she is one of the leading specialists in the field of body art - “body art”, in which a living model, transformed by an artist in a special way, is an art object. Perhaps that is why in a series of portraits and "nudes" the structure and plasticity of the human body, its organic nature and aesthetics are so carefully presented. Also in the creative biography of Zlata there are a number of successful art and design projects.As a student of Odessa artist-teachers Olga Dekina and Vladimir Krishtopenko, Zlata Goncharova at one time successfully mastered the concepts of basic artistic principles in the visual arts, developing them in her work. Graduate of the Odessa Art School named after I. Grekov and the graphic arts faculty of the Pedagogical University, the master studied at the School of Arts in Germany, supplementing her education with knowledge of modern design. The works presented at the exhibition carry vital energy, vitality, brightness and texture. The author proclaims with his work - "Long live life!", Inviting the viewer to feel the feeling of its fullness and greatness. During the opening of the exhibition, several body art models created by the author will be presented.

The poster of the event — Paintings and graphics by ZLATA GONCHAROVA "Long live life!" in Art gallery Artodessa