The events in Odessa at 15 June 2021

Children's MK "Vareniki" 7-14 years old

15 June 2021, 12:00
category: for children
from 500 to 900 UAH
place: Cooking school "Hoarder" (Pushkinskaya str., 30)

The long-awaited master class for children 7-14 years old. Tuesday 15 June 12:00 preparing VARENIKI with chicken, feta and herbs VARENIKI with fruit  FRUIT SALAD. MASTER CLASS FORMAT  Let's get together at 12:00 on Uspenskaya, 119. Let's put on aprons, wash our hands.  Some smoothies for each guest.  Knead the dough for dumplings.  Let's prepare the filling. Children are actively involved in all processes.  Everyone will roll out the dough with my help or on their own, learn how to sculpt dumplings.  Let's cook dumplings, children will try their creations with sour cream.  Guests will each make their own fruit salad. There is no violence in Plyushka. We cook easily, try and enjoy new impressions and skills. THE TERMS OF PARTICIPATION 1. Register for the master class at the link  2. Enter 200 UAH of prepayment, card number in the registration form. 3. Arrive at the appointed time with the rest of the payment and enjoy the process. Participation fee is 500 UAH. Child + parent - 900 UAH The number of participants is limited to 8 children.

The poster of the event — Children's MK "Vareniki" 7-14 years old in Cooking school "Hoarder"