The events in Odessa at 16 June 2021

Oratory with Tatiana Larina

16 June 2021, 11:00
category: seminar/training
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Author's training by Tatyana Larina "Oratory" Purpose - teaching oratory, the practical skill of working in front of an audience The training will give you ✔ the ability to communicate with the audience, ✔ entering a group ✔ the ability to work with criticism and tricky questions during a speech; ✔ work with provocateurs and leaders; ✔ style of speech: how to speak and better convey your thoughts, ideas, emotions to the audience; ✔behavior: how to behave and be a leader for the audience; ✔ "Who am I" in the group. Limited number of seats Registration by phone: 0967444424 Viber, Telegram

The poster of the event — Oratory with Tatiana Larina in Location