The events in Odessa at 17 June 2021

Fioretti Paul Schwartz

17 June 2021, 11:00
category: exhibition
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

16 worms in the Odessa Artistic Retail Robot wistavka "Fioretti Paul Schwartz". On this week are presented close 65 works of the Odessa artist from the famous roots of Paul Schwartz, from the 1900-1920s. Paul Schwarz's Christmas (1873-1934) mayzhe zabute: a personal show "Fioretti" in the Odessa artist poklikana nagadati about new and giving another life to the creative nadbannyu mitts. The name of the show "Fioretti" is a vidilka to the XIV century "Quotes of Francis of Assyzky". A collection of 53 short portions, which tells about the life of St. Francis of Asia and how to make a diva with him. So itself and on our vistavtsi skin robot - a little okrama inform about the miracle and the beauty of life. A leather object, a leather quote in the artist's works conceal character and vivid history. Schwartz, not just a catcher of dreams, a field on the image: at the beaches of monotypes, small stones, trenches and blots - everywhere, day and night. Tonka, piece by piece, the art nouveau, grabbed by the artist at the ear of Paris by the artist, woven into the fabric of the artistic life of Odessa in the 1910s The artistic images of theatrical decorations, grotesques and oriental compositions become visible between thin and bright lights. Paul Schwartz's watercolors spurred on to escapism: the artist was trying to get away with looking at the Kazkov light without turboboots, trivia and rozcharuvan, which is not like the stormy reality of the 1920s.Paul Schwartz, in his creativity, didn’t just germinate the grain of a unique period, but to preserve it, if the Ukrainian artist's middle was singled out by piece from the European context. That is why we have the opportunity to make a profit for the present day in us, a childish way of thinking about modernism in Odessa.  De: Odessa Art Museum, st. Sofiyivska, 5a.  If: from 16 hearts  Participation: entrance for the receipt before the main exhibition, on the day of the opening - no cash, the robot will be pushed to the museum until 18:30 Until the scene in the Odessa Artistic ❤️

The poster of the event — Fioretti Paul Schwartz in Art Museum