The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Ilya Chichkan "Psycho-Darwinism. Practical Humanism"

24 July 2021, 12:00
category: exhibition
60 UAH
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

In the Museum of Odesa's Fancy Mistress, there will be a show of the artist Illy Chichkan. The new cycle of assignments to masterpieces of classic realistic painting. The artist іronіzu over the ideological influx of prominent creations of the art and proponate in a new way to look at the cultural decline of the past era. The exhibition is an imitation of a chamber museum hall, de-concentration of creation, which is “guilty of the nobility of the skin”. The whole spectacular hall is a caricature, a crooked mirror to a museum, de Chichkan is a museum pathos that shows the tradition of worshiping the imperial canon and the obvious folding of the mystery. The artist himself seems to be talking about his own pre-construction project: “Lyudina is smart enough to walk upright to the museum with an ostracized tsіkavistyu, nіbi її ancestor-primate. Both are unrealistic, and even mystery is similar to the jungle: it is easy to ruin, but to find the sense is cheap. " “Psycho-Darwinism” is a term that is common to the vulgarized minds of Darwin, Marx and Freud: in the process of the evolution of the people from the mavi, it was not the priest who killed, but the sex and aggression.“The pandemic demonstrated the overwhelming parity of the biological species of homo sapiens: the sickness of a beggar in China was introduced into the shirt of the Prince of Welsh. The problem of economic and legal irregularities is possible because of a biological threat. One quietly, I am transforming our light from the globalized into the global, everything is connected with us, we want it, ”writes art critic Kostyantin Doroshenko. The Dutch study of Frans de Val was published after the release of "Politics in the Chimpanzee", as it is already forty years old to see, learn in the back-end sociological institutes. It’s to bring, that ієrarchіchnіst, manіpulation of sexuality, struggle for power with іntrigues and coalitions іnnuyu in primates the pose of culture and civilization. Chichkan told us about the first-rate specialties. “At the svitov_y kultury mavpa mayzhe zavzhd є we caricature on a lud Criticism of “nature” breaks through to “culture”, “psychodarvinism” in the name of the project. Aleksey Chichkan is unhappy with the fact that the artist identifies himself as heroes. Behind the great rakhunka of all robots - self-portraits ”, - says Marat Gelman. The great moral authorities, the unpretentious value of cultural codes is rethought from the point of view of real, practical humanism, in the basis of which is not an idea of ​​anthropocentrism, but the right of the skin to be oneself. Project curator: Marat Gelman, Andriy Siguntsov It will be displayed on 16 April at 17:00. In the minds of the quarantine people, please come and wear masks. DJ Fil Perlovskiy and SHO group on display Addresses: vulytsia Leontovich 5, MSMO. Enter on view - vilnyIn the last days, the acceptance ticket price is 60 UAH

The poster of the event — Ilya Chichkan "Psycho-Darwinism. Practical Humanism" in The Museum of modern art