The events in Odessa at 28 July 2021

The Cherry Orchard

28 July 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 180 to 650 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

"If I do it all the time, unvoltedly, then the thoughts are trochas, and to be built, none of them can be seen, now I am sensible." (c) Hrmolay Lopakhin At the maker of the Gaevikh-Ranevsky, psychologically neurological, traumatic, insane characters are prescribed. All the stench is looting at the same hour. Tim for an hour from Paris is messed with priyhati not less vicious Lyubov Andriyivna with her retinue. The true goal of a visit is to anybody who is not home, but to feel good about the well-being of a saddy and a comfortable life. Mistseviy business man - pathological and eccentric Lopakhin, the world about the turn of Ranevskoy and ready to go to the extreme zeal of her. Do you need to inquire a bit about the merchant Deriganov's bazhannya prybati matok? What is the right to prikhovyuyut hairs in the garden? What do you think about the hero's good cohachi? Yaka, is the motivation of Urmolai Oleksiyovych real, how clean are you, and why are Lopakhin a widow Ranevska? That chi іsnu ear and chіnets in the cichs of electric characters? Step-by-step gazes in vidkriva are dark for myself that side of the life of the bags, on the first glance, of the quiet and peaceful cherry orchard. Lyubov Andriyivna Ranevska - Khristina Sinelnik Anya - Nastasya Zyurkalova Varya - Svitlana Shaliga Leonid Andriyovich Gaiv - Oleksiy Sukhanov Urmolay Oleksiyovich Lopakhin - Vitaliy Azhnov Petro Sergiyovich Trofimov - Volodymyr Kanivets Boris Borisovich Semionov-Pishchik - Petro Zuzyak Charlotte Ivanivna - Diana Frolova Semyon Panteleiovich Upikhodov - Artem Sukhina Dunyasha - Khristina Komarova Firs - Anatoly Tikhomirov Yasha - Vladislav DmitrukProduction Designer - Alya Baytenova Costume Designer - Lyubava Sokol Composer - Yuriy Zvonar Plastic solution - Olga Semyoshkina Director's Assistant - Valeriya Sanikidze Stage Director - Slava Zhila

The poster of the event — The Cherry Orchard in Comedy