The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Dawn on a yacht to the sound of the hang

25 July 2021, 05:00
category: tour
place: Black sea yacht club (Otrada beach, 17)

 On July 25 at 05:00 in the morning, we set off on a beautiful yacht with scarlet sails, and with the proud name "Fortuna" from the pier of the yachts of the "Chernomorsky" club to meet the dawn to the sounds of the hang. ☘️ In the program: listen to hang, watch the sunrise, take photos & videos, dive from the yacht, swim in the sea, the captain talk, drive the yacht, sail back, listen to hang. 濾 Join friends  It's magical. Registration is required, we have only 10 places. The registration form is here: All questions by phone: +380 (67) 479 34 55 - Timur. Photos by Natalie Vashchenko https: // ...

The poster of the event — Dawn on a yacht to the sound of the hang in Black sea yacht club