The events in Odessa at 26 July 2021

Lіtnya mandrіvka to Kryzhanoi Antarctica

26 July 2021, 11:00
category: exhibition
place: Odessa national research library (pastera str, 13)

Odessa National Science Library I will ask for 22 days about 11 years. of all those who are eager for an interactive show of the National Antarctic Science Center (NASC). The show "Letnya Mandrіvka to Kryzhano Antarctica" is trivial from 22 days to 31 days in 2021 near the main reading room of the library, if you can learn more about Antarctica and the work of Ukrainian polar explorers. The exhibition will feature 25 great historical and bizarre photos about Antarctica and the robot of the Ukrainian polar explorers, a 3D photo zone, a video about the nature of the Krizhany continent, polar artifacts. During the opening hour of the interactive show, the director of the National Academy of Science Evgen Dikiy and the participants of the Antarctic expeditions to conduct an excursion for the visitors. 6 fierce 1996 rock about 18.45 over the British colish station "Faraday", and then like the Ukrainian "Academic Vernadsky", buv uchistnoy pіdnyaty zhovto-blakitny prapor. For Ukraine, environs of prestige in the arena of the world, there is also a great "window of opportunity": our science can help to solve problems of a planetary scale. Already 25 rocky in the time of the Ukrainian and Ukrainian women who are viral in the Russian expeditions, when they reach Antarctica, so that they can avoid a series of warnings (they are trying to work since 1947) and forget about the standards.

The poster of the event — Lіtnya mandrіvka to Kryzhanoi Antarctica in Odessa national research library