The events in Odessa at 26 July 2021

Ivan Logvin. Vistavka painting with private collections

26 July 2021, 15:00
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov (Polish str., 19)

In 2021, at the House of Bleshunov, we will continue to look at the development of the cultural life of Odessa and demonstrate demonstratively create mitts, which made great contributions to the formulation of the creative middle. An offensive author, like the performances in the communal-vistavkom space of "Apartment No. 6" already from 26 years old, is a talented painter and teacher, a reference to the legend of the Odessa school of painting - Ivan Dmitrovich Logvin (1923-1996). It’s a winn’t to get involved in one of the most hostile colors that they did in the other half of the 20th century in Odessa. Heads of editors Galini Logvin and the teacher with the collector Eugen Shcherbinoy imagine landscapes, still lifes and portraits in the techniques of painting, watercolors and pastels of the early periods of creativity. Deyaki from the creatures of the eyes to punch ahead. If? From 26 to 15:00, the robot repairs a vistavka in the communal-vistavk space "Apartment No. 6", skin day, around the middle, from 10: 30-17: 30, and the closest month. Chim tsikava tsya vistavka? Persh for everything - Painting. Ivana Logvin's robots are nervously garnished at the coloristic plan. It’s a great help, a highly professional painting, I’ll look at what Nemov falls from the eyes of half a day, and Bachish Kolir in his strength. Quivering kolivannya kolіrnіh podnan, feasible temperamental pasty smear, which is characteristic of the technique of the author. Tsey painting obov'yazkovo treba pachiti! All the adherents of the painting and quietly, if you want to find yourself in a new way, we ask you to get to know the author's creativity. How come you check on vistavtsi?Showcase of the next Thursday - Slow Art sessions with a tour of the visitor with mediator Marya Aryatova. Trying to be amazed create a mystery, write down that little of your caution in the Visual Diary / Museum sketchbook page (from 15:30 - 16:30) Nedilya - zustrich with Galina Logvin, the artist's squad (time to be specified). Exclusive week-long evening in the museum at Drink and Draw Odessa - small nature near the courtyard of the museum with a display of wine shows and a wine cell (due to the new dates of entry of the drink and Draw Odessa)

The poster of the event — Ivan Logvin. Vistavka painting with private collections in The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov