The events in Odessa at 28 July 2021

4 pm Meditation and Tantra with Kensho / Chakra Loop Meditation

28 July 2021, 19:00
category: seminar/training
from 300 to 1000 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

Friends! I invite everyone who is in Odessa or nearby to four evenings of Tantra and Meditation. 4 Wednesdays from July 28 to August 18, every Wednesday we will open a new door to ourselves, to an inexhaustible source of joy, love and serenity. Four versatile practices that you can go through as a cycle of meditations or separately, depending on your plans for August. Join a fascinating exploration of yourself, your energies and unexplored depths of being. 1st evening, July 28: Chakra Loop Meditation This meditation technique uses cyclic breathing to bring awareness to the chakras and connect their energies together. This is a very powerful and deep cleansing process. Meditation was created on the basis of the initiation practices of the Cherokee Indians. Combined with pulsating (fire) breathing and a chakra energy map, this practice is one of the most powerful practices that I am familiar with. During meditation, deep realizations are possible for any of your life situations. Also, "Chakra Loops" contribute to deep cleansing of the energy and emotional levels of our body. 2nd evening, August 4th: Meet the male and female energies This evening is dedicated to getting to know our inner masculine and feminine parts and energies. Practices will allow you to feel what these polarities are inside, to connect with them, to return to inner balance. Reunite with the natural force that each of these polarities gives, learn to be aware of them and consciously switch between them.3rd evening, August 11: Tantric Meditation "Snake Charmer" To be a Snake Charmer is to enter the life force game. This is an amazing chance to seduce life and let life seduce you. That means being a Tantrika. This is a love story in which you give up your energy step by step. In this process, you don't know Who charms whom. You become the kundalini snake, and the kundalini snake becomes you. You become life, and life becomes you. The spellcaster has disappeared Like the snake, and only the blessed sacrament remained. In these moments, you know what life is, But you cannot explain it. You can only just live it! 4th evening, August 18: “Basics of Tantric Massage” - Touches of the Earth and Heart Touch is the art of interacting with sensations in the body. You will learn how to work with a variety of touches, from the stimulating, light touch of a feather, to grounding touches that help the body experience trust, to the sweet connection that comes from the touch of the heart. The goal of the practice is to relax and awaken the natural flow of energy within yourself and at the same time learn to communicate, love and trust through touching your partner. --- I will lead, Kensho Prem. Master of Meditation, Tantra and Tantric massage.Meditation and Tantra are my life. These are the tools that allowed me to get in touch with the very present in life, which makes our life something truly valuable and worthwhile. And at my evenings and retreats, I share all the keys I have found to this life, to every aspect of it through Tantra and Meditation. Come) I will be very glad to see you  Passage of any of these evenings - 300 UAH. Passage of all four - 1000 UAH. For registration and for any questions write to me: Kensho Prem +38 098 629 4825 Works Telegram, Votsap and Viber

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