The events in Odessa at 08 August 2021

Ballet "Giselle"

08 August 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 50 to 510 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

Ballet for 2 days Libreto Teofila Gotu, Jules-Henri Vernois de Saint-Georges, Jean Coralia Choreography by Jules Perrot, Jean Coralia, Marius Petipa edited by Leonid Lavrovsky Renewal of Nadiya Fedorova The ballet "Giselle" (also called "Giselle abo vilisi", fr. Giselle, ou les Wilis) is perhaps the most romantic tvir of the last table. In the midst of numerical histories, if there was some kind of dance I was dancing, none of the beautiful and sumptuous ones, nothing drama. The founders of the charm of the plot and the thorough choreography, the whole romantic masterpiece of the ballet classics and becoming, like Swan Lake, the most popular and the most popular ballet to light. In Giselle itself, ballet romanticism is still firmly established. Dancing in the new, taking on the poetic nature, in the solo part, the “fantastic” parties have lost the romantic pleasures, as the enmity of the characters, the heroines have become on pointe. In "earthly", non-fantastic images, dance with national characteristics. The ballet has established a new type of dramaturgy, in which the dance of the servant is not the illustrative episodes of the plot, but the old head, poetic way of turning the artistic snake.

The poster of the event — Ballet "Giselle" in The Opera and ballet theatre