The events in Odessa at 01 August 2021

Rodion Shchedrin's ballet "Carmen syuita"

01 August 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 330 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

The triviality of the performance: 50 khvili Ballet for one stage Libreto Alberto Alonso for the novel by Prosper Merime The one-act ballet "Carmen-syuita" has a happy scenic history, gleaming glances at the moment of the beginning of the day. You can see it as a harmonious version of the folding choreographic and dramatic workshops. In a whole lot of creatures in all warehouses - music, choreography, stage design, actor's main character - creates a symphony of freedom and freedom. The premiere of the play "Carmen-syuita" was shown on April 20, 1967 to rock in Moscow, on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. The author created a performance specially for the ballerina Maya Plisetskoy. The composer Rodion Shchedrin creatively re-compiled the musical material from the performance of the opera by Georges Bize, the Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso proponated the concept of the confrontation and choreographic work of the creator, and the scenography by Boris Messerera Music is a confrontation between a lively, passionate Carmen, like to love freedom from a mustache, and by non-detached marionettes-mashkars, like to avoid tidying up a non-posed cymbal. Members of the production group CHOREOGRAPHY: Alberto Alonso UPDATED I EDITORIAL: Honored Artist of Russia Azary Plisetsky, Oleksandr Plisetsky POST-ARTIST: People's Artist of Russia Boris Messerer DIRECTOR YAKY VEDE VISTAV: Viktor Yanchuk Zmist Ballet libretoAt the center of ballet - the tragic share of the gypsy Carmen and the soldier Khoze, who is the child of the kid, the zeal of the young Torero, is tragic in her. Take the heroes and the bend of Carmen through the hands of José's zoomed in with Fatum. The order of musical numbers in the transcript of Rodion Shchedrin is as follows: Entry Dance Perche intermetso Rosevid varti Wihid Carmen and Habanera Scene Other intermetso Bolero Torero Torero i Carmen Adagio Vorozhinnya Final As many as thirteen numbers create the last lance, in which the conflict and the character of the characters develop. “Pokohav José Carmen. Lyubov rewound the rude, intertwined soldier, gave him spiritual joy, but for Carmen, they reimagined in an hour on the shackles. Hose does not get a lot of money for his senses, Carmen. Vin started to love no longer a Gypsy, but his own feeling to her. Vona could have pookhati Torero, which is not baiduzhiy to її beauty. Ale Torero - vitonceno gallant, shining and fearless - inner linework, cold, wines are not ready to fight for kohannya. І, naturally, such, yak vin, you cannot cohati vimogliv and proud Carmen. And without love there is no happiness in life and Carmen will accept death from Hose, and don’t be on the way to compromise and self-reliance twice, ”wrote the choreographer Valentin Alizar'ev.

The poster of the event — Rodion Shchedrin's ballet "Carmen syuita" in The Opera and ballet theatre