The events in Odessa at 16 September 2021

HR's FuckUp Night

16 September 2021, 19:00
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place: School of computer science "Hillel" (Kanatnaya str., 22)

Meet the stories of defeats from real winners! On September 16, our meeting of the Planet of HR / Recruiting community will take place in a new format - "FuckUp Night" On it, the speakers confess their fakapah and share the conclusions that allowed them to solve the mistake or at least not to step on the same "rake" in the future. We are doing this format because we want to dilute the “gloss from success stories” and remind us that it is normal to make mistakes, and even more, it is simply necessary. It is almost impossible to repeat a unique successful case, but learning from jambs and minimizing them thanks to someone else's experience is quite real. Listen to the story in short (up to 15 minutes), ask questions and discuss stories with other participants. The format is as follows: - 3 speakers - high-quality networking - experience without embellishment Where: Kanatnaya 22, Hillel IT School When: 09/16/2021 And what time: at 19:00 When you don't have enough inspiration or don't know where to start and whether it's worth it at all - go to FuckUp Night, and there you will figure it out Admission is free, but by prior registration. * Important - the amount of space is limited! Registration link

The poster of the event — HR's FuckUp Night in School of computer science "Hillel"