The events in Odessa at 16 September 2021


16 September 2021, 22:00
category: movie
from 140 to 210 UAH
place: Auto cinema Action Cinema Odessa (per. Vice-Admiral Azarov, 28, parking of the beach "Otrada")

Original name: THE PROTEGE Studio: Arthur Sarkissian Productions; Campbell Grobman Films; Fourteen Films; Millennium media Director: Martin Campbell ("007: Casino Royale") Mova: ukrainian Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime Triviality: 109 hv Wirobnytsvo: USA In the lead roles: Meni K'yu ("Divergent. Chapter 3: Viddana"), Michael Kiton ("Lyudina-Pavuk: Turning the Dodoma", "Kong: Skullshot"), Semuel L. Jackson ("Mesniki", "Tilohoronets kelera "), Robert Patryk (" Zakhar Berkut "," Honest villain "), Akaterina Baker, Ori Feffer and іnshi The dynasty of Anna (Meni K'yu) has hidden the legendary recruitment of the murderer Moody (Semuel L. Jackson). Cholovik became the її opіku and who instilled in the wisdom of the profession. Now Anna is a nykvalіfіkovanіsha clerk svіtu. If Moody is in the hands of the Naimants, Anna will take revenge. A competitor can help a guy by taking away his contracts with a rock. Unreconcilable enemies will unite Zusilla, vistyzhiti vbivtsyu.

The poster of the event — KILER'S CODE / KILLER'S CODE / THE PROTEGE in Auto cinema Action Cinema Odessa