The events in Odessa at 26 November 2021

KinoHUB "Chaplin's Phenomenon"

26 November 2021, 18:30
category: lecture
place: Studio (French b-R, 33)

Є biography, such as the details of the non-private and such of the names, it is practical to immediately transform into a beautiful legend. Yakaska about amerikansku mriyu chi phenomenon self made man. The history of life on the ground is generally unbelievable. And it’s hard to believe in the same - from the very bottom, untrav, from the hungry, unprepared child, go to the top of Hollywood. Magic letter "h"! Charlie Chaplin is a lyudin, yaka has become a synonym for a cinematographer of the XX century.  I ask for a skin one, who is ready to see for himself the dependence of Chaplin's local phenomenon, and three things are closer to the history of the "Great Him". RESERVATION OF OBOVYAZKOVA BY FORM:  Dovidki at the phone: 067-654-34-94

The poster of the event — KinoHUB "Chaplin's Phenomenon" in Studio