The events in Odessa at 14 July 2019

Wine and spirits course

14 July 2019, 10:30
category: the courses
place: Store "Country Wines" (Sadovaya St., 9)

“Wine Country” is pleased to announce that the admission to the updated Authors course on wine and spirits, Yevgeny Gomenyuk, which will be held together with Ivan Bachurin, is announced open.       Start of training: recruiting groups (12 people).       Time: first half of July.       Lesson on Sat and Sun at 10:30.       Number of lessons: 12 (2 - strong alcohol, 10 - cheese, glasses, wine).       Location: Odessa, Sadovaya 9, “Land of Wines”.       Training program:       - a two-day course of strong alcohol from the president of the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine Ivan Bachurin with a tasting of about 40 samples of strong alcohol;       - a one-day cheese course from the frothier Rostislav Popoff (Rostyslav Popoff);       - a lecture on wine production technology from the chief technologist of sparkling wines Shabo - Elena Tuvichenko;       - a master class by the glass from brand ambassador Riedel in Ukraine Konstantin Vidoborenko;       - Lectures that will give extensive knowledge about the wines of different countries, as well as classification and enogastronomy. Conducted by our chef sommelier Eugene Gomenyuk. Tasting about 60 wines.       A full training program will be sent to confirm your participation.       Admission to the course: + 380949307676- “Land of Vines”       +380930126287 - Eugene Gomenyuk.       Tuition and classes:       - 13 thousand UAH - strong alcohol, wine, cheese, a glass master class;       - 10 thousand UAH - only wine, cheese, a glass master class;       - 5 thousand UAH - only strong alcohol.

The poster of the event — Wine and spirits course in Store "Country Wines"
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