The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

Antiage facial massage kneading, level 3

17 August 2019, 10:00
category: seminar/training
3500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Myextensions kneading massage Anti-Age facial 3rd level of training Training 2 days The price 3500 UAH The kneading effect Anti-Age facial massage getting improved interstitial trophic (feeding) of muscle fibers, stimulate the secretion of synovial (synovial) fluid, the elimination of adhesions and scar resorption. Moreover, in the result of normalization of the functioning of the neurohumoral systems occurs deep muscle relaxation. The skin under the action of kneading movements are exempt from the Horny layer of the epidermis, thereby increasing their ability to regenerate. The process of removing end products of metabolism are accelerated, the blood flow nourishes skin cells with oxygen and nutrients. In complex, this approach provides the effect of gradual transformation of the exterior of the patient, therefore, with regard to aesthetic massage this technique is considered as fundamental. In the practice of kneading massage, there is one critically important caveat: in no case should not replace the kneading motion, sliding, otherwise the desired effect would not be achieved. The level III teaching professional Myofascial instant facelift with the author's unique approach and aesthetic plasticizing massage with a rejuvenating effect and elimination of ptosis of soft tissues of the face. Is a powerful technique to restore the muscle corset of the face after 40 years. This is one of the most effective anti-aging techniques in aesthetic facial massage, which allows lifting the muscular frame of a person and (or) helps to delay operative intervention provided a comprehensive and systematic care for skin and muscles, reduction of postoperative tissue reaction, thereby improving the expected result. This level can be considered as a continuation myextension techniques underlying modern aesthetic massage technology. Aimed at deep restoring tone and elasticity of all tissue layers of the face. Much attention is paid myextension special massage movements that help to restore and increase the tone of facial muscles levatores on the one hand, and relaxation of muscles-depressors, on the other. First tackle aesthetic issues of biological aging and the physiological, local violations of blood circulation of tissue, the restoration of the topography of the face and skin elasticity. The program of the seminar: Anatomical features of the muscular system of the face, masticatory and facial muscles. The indications and contraindications. The study and practical working out of clutches, polyresine. Practical training of massage manipulations on chewing and mimic muscles. A feature of the work, sequence them in the procedure. The principles drawn up schemes, practical testing of integrated care with the application of acquired techniques anti-age massage in different parts of the face. The work is based on a special combination technique of deep soft local kneading, thereby restoring the tone of the main muscle groups that compose the muscular frame of the face, introduced a fundamentally new massage lines and zones, and the lifting result is obvious. This technique applies to new soft techniques of massage, which are already successfully applied in aesthetic medicine: plastic surgery both in preoperative preparation and postoperative period, therapeutic cosmetology and other disciplines related to physical restoration and spiritual balance. Refers to exclusive methodologies and techniques of massage on the face. An international certificate of Massage Academy INELDEA (France) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-registration is required Places are limited The entry and all questions : 0962439950, Diana Where? Dr. Lyapko, street, 49

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