The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

Mdrnty Urban Nature Tour - the legendary Swiss festival

17 August 2019, 12:00
category: party
place: Mantra beach club (Arcadia beach)

10 years ago, MDRNTY brought the club to the mountain top of Switzerland. Unique clubbing experiences became the DNA of MDRNTY, from which the idea was expanded into creating events in forests, hot air balloons, ski gondolas, and cruise ships whilst inviting some of the top electronic music acts from all over the world. Now it's time to bring the nature to the clubs, from which the #MDRNTY Urban Nature Tour was born and now is heading for the first time to the Ukrainian sea-side to MANTRA BEACH CLUB alongside two of the all-time legendary acts Booka Shade & Radio Slave (Official), as well as two of the most talked about desert-house acts BEHROUZ & Audiofly, #MDRNTY residents madnax (LIVE), James Mc Hale, Giorgio Maulini and support acts 3rd Floor Brothers & Olivia! ------------------------------------------ Легендарный швейцарский фестиваль MDRNTY в Одессе! MDRNTY проходят в самых нестандартных и красивых локациях: таинственный глубокий лес, воздушный шар, парящий в небесах, вершины гор и круизные лайнеры! И всё это в сочетании с выступлением топовых мировых артистов электронной музыки. Впервые на украинском побережье, а именно в клубе MANTRA BEACH CLUB готовится историческая ночь! Для вас выступят четыре легендарных исполнителя — BOOKA SHADE и RADIO SLAVE, BEHROUZ и AUDIOFLY. При поддержке резидентов MDRNTY Madnax (live), James Mc Hale, Giorgio Maulini, 3rd Floor Brothers и Olivia. -Tickets- Early Bird Tickets: 34 EUR + booking fee General Ticket: 38 EUR + booking fee Door Price: 45 EUR VIP Packages: Coming Soon! -Doors Open- 12.00 - 06.00 See you all on the dance floor!

The poster of the event — Mdrnty Urban Nature Tour - the legendary Swiss festival in Mantra beach club