The events in Odessa at 29 August 2019

Training for trainers in identifiable medical disputes

29 August 2019, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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From September 29 to 30, 2019, there will be some kind of training for the development of coaching skills of the system and the system # of the main identification and medical requirements for the completion of medical certificates.              Meta training:       preparation of trainers for further training in practice and in practice system # BDP with identifiable media / recession reference for correct, qualified medical training.              Dovidkovo: the program is not started for the preparation of fahivtsiv and fakhivchin’s health center in a mediator)              Ochkuєtsya, scho participants in the training will be fakhіvtsі and fakhіvchіnі systems and unpaid legal assistance, such as:       - May have rozvinutiy emototsіyny іntelekt, volodіyut m'yakimymi skills of the community and the skills of empathic hearing;       - Previously, there were pre-dinner meals at the media (do-it-yourself: at the time of selecting your candidacy, you will need to submit documents, do not need to go ahead (certificate / program before);       - Previously, they went to training coaching skills.              You can submit an application for participation in training for the reasons:              Coaches       ANNA ZUBACHOVA (Anna Zubachova) - family and business mediator, psychotherapist, psychologist, trainerNATALIA KRESTOVSKA (Natalya Krestovskaya) - mediator, lawyer, doctor of legal sciences, professor, head of department of the Department of Theoretical and State Power and Law of the International Humanitarian University, large body of law              Organizer Training       Gromadska branch "Ukrainian Academy of Mediation" (Ukrainian Academy of Mediation) and the legal club PRAVOKATOR. Odessa within the framework of the project "Securing access to the most disagreeable population groups before mediating and settling disputes" beyond the project rights The Canadian Bureau of International Cooperation in Partnership with the Coordination Center for Legal Assistance and Finance in Canada.       Where? PRAVOKATOR law club, vul. Velika Arnautska, bud. 61

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