The events in Odessa at 13 September 2019

Training for attorney s rozvitku skill robot soft skills

13 September 2019, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: Location (look in the description)

I’m asking for a lawyer, in order to get to the bottom of #BPD, on the firsthand training with the help of soft skills with agile groups of legal support systems, which will be available from 13 to 14.              To participate in the visit, you need to fill out a short application form for the message:       Please note that you can contact the legal club and explain the details.              Increase your expenses for accommodation, accommodation and meals for an hour of training, to be safe for the rachuk of the Ukrainian-Canadian project “That legal assistance is available in Ukraine”.              Meta training:       rozvitok komunіkativnyh skills for robots iz agile groups of klіntntiv systems of free legal assistance, zokrema - suffered from all kinds of domestic and gender-based violence, children, participants in combat, and others in particularThe main respect for training is to attach itself to “soft skills” (soft skills); ref. Conclusions, participants in the practice of effective communication tools, bars / filters (which may be the cause of stereotypes and discrimination), active hearing and empathy are important, as well as more important. In addition, in an hour of training, respect must be given to the robot with the stress and emotion, to memorize the professional selection and self-identification in the resource station.              Robot over "soft skills" уже even more important, fragments in professional life often respect less than "hard skills" - such a way, for example, knowledge of the legislation of the kind of procedures that at that time itself " m_yakі navichki »may have a significant impact on the results of the robot with the keys and the accuracy of the legal aid.              The format for transferring training is the active participation of the participants with two long days of training, the practical ones have the right to start work, work in the mini-groups, analyze and discuss the cases and exchange the training time.              Trainers:       - Zosya Slavytska (Zosya Slavytska)       - Olga Kudritska              Organizer training:Coordination center for legal assistance for the project “Available for legal assistance in Ukraine”, which can be visited by the Canadian Bureau of International Cooperation in partnership with the Coordination center for legal assistance in Canada.       Where? PRAVOKATOR law club, vul. Velika Arnautska, bud. 61

The poster of the event — Training for attorney s rozvitku skill robot soft skills in Location