The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

Reveal "Secrets of the Kuyalnik estuary"

17 August 2019, 09:00
category: tour
from 170 to 260 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Dear tourists! August 17 at 09:00 we will go on a unique excursion "the Secrets of Kuyalnik estuary". During the tour we will contact you: 1. Learn the history of the sand bar. Odessa Peresyp has a long and glorious history. Which began in the Middle ages, when, long before the founding of Odessa, this area was the bottom of the Black sea. Later went the way of the Cossacks, who repeatedly stormed the Turkish fortress on the territory of Odessa. It housed numerous settlements on the outskirts of the city, and are still standing stone houses made in caves. 2. Javahome let us go up to the mountain - the highest point of Odessa. This is an amazing and mysterious place imbued with history and ancient secrets. Zhevakhov mountain - our Odessa Place of Power. In addition, it offers magnificent views of the three largest in the Odessa reservoir: the Black sea and the kuyalnitsky estuaries Hadzhibeevsky. 3. Visit on the Kuyalnitsky estuary - a place of extraordinary, almost Dead sea! Find out who lives in the salty waters of the estuary and how it was mined salt. Will test on itself curative properties of the estuary and drink mineral water pump room; 4. See the old sanatorium of Pirogov. The old building of the sanatorium was once considered one of the most beautiful in the Russian Empire, and still has not lost its former beauty. In addition, it involves a lot of names of famous Odessites.  Date and time: August 17 at 9:00. Get creative with baby airlines duration: 3 hours  Type: pedestrian  Location: bus stop "Fabrika netkanykh materialov" (the intersection of ul . Firth and Nicholas road)   Registration by phone + 380981704404; +380969670813  Cost - 260 UAH children up to 10 years - 170 UAH; Friends, pre-registration for this tour is required! We Are Waiting For You! To back together to fall in love with Odessa! 

The poster of the event — Reveal "Secrets of the Kuyalnik estuary" in Location