The events in Odessa at 17 September 2019

Settlement meetings with Gertrude Shpatakovskaya

17 September 2019, 13:30
category: seminar/training
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Friends and colleagues, we invite you to the constellation meetings, which take place in the integrative approach of different trends in the constellation method.        With great gratitude to all teachers in this method, which allows you to most effectively and environmentally solve existing problems and get the best results.              The method of constellations in family therapy is one of the youngest, and at the same time, the most effective psychotherapeutic areas that have been developing recently. In this approach, a person is not considered separately, but in the context of his social connections. Each person is part of a system - family, clan, team, etc. A person’s problems or his psychosomatic symptoms are signals of systemic disorders. In this case, the therapist's task is to restore order in the system, then she herself will find healing methods.       Applicants and alternate constituents fall into the world of real life, real people, their tragedies, their joys, their feelings and emotions. People involved in the arrangement do not play, they replace people about whom they know nothing, and cannot know.       With the help of the arrangement, you can find the most correct, sometimes very unexpected answers to difficult life questions, the most harmonious way out of life situations.              We will be happy to share with colleagues, and be useful in the best solutions to customer requests)On August 13, Gertrude Shpatakovskaya holds client arrangements: President of the Psyche Association, doctor of psychology, practical psychologist, perinatal and family psychotherapist, certified trauma therapist, art therapist. Author of numerous scientific articles and monographs.              And also in "Psyche" at our constellation meetings, you can get acquainted with different methods, approaches and facilitators. Join the event and be in touch!       We will be grateful to the repost and invitation of those to whom this could be interesting and useful.              Always welcome deputies - Org contribution symbolic - 50 UAH.       Questions and entries in LAN 0667262064 (vibe)       I ask for confirmation of who plans to be with us!       Where? Psyche, st. Army, 23

The poster of the event — Settlement meetings with Gertrude Shpatakovskaya in Location