The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

We light the Magician's Star with Shani

17 August 2019, 18:00
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free donation
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Visiting meeting of the Club. We celebrate the year from the day the Club was founded! And we have a special guest: the magnificent master in stained glass, Julia Morozova, suggested using the stars to reflect the world and its beauty. After all, as you know, inside is outside! Who, if not each of us should bring beauty to the world)       Moreover - the mirror has an excellent property of expanding the surrounding world. We will learn to expand ourselves, our feelings, worldview and love.       We meet on the beach "Joy" at the Yellow Stone "Old Man".       Treats from the Shan       Admission: free donation       The number of people in the group is strictly limited.       Recording by phone: 067-418-10-72       Threat. bring swimsuits, bedding and a good mood.

The poster of the event — We light the Magician's Star with Shani in Location