The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019


17 August 2019, 21:00
category: party
place: True man Hot Boat (Dolphin beach)

An alternative rock band with a subtle name BAHROMA appeared in 2009. Her ideologist is Roman Bakharev, a charismatic and brutal frontman, author of music and words.       The debut single of the group “For a Long Time” was produced by Milos Yelich, a member of the cult Ukrainian band Ocean Elsi. The video clip got into the rotation of many music channels.       For 10 years of creativity, BAHROMA managed to perform at all the main festivals in Ukraine, and the single “In Depth” became the soundtrack to the series “Kiev Day and Night”.       In 2017, the team presented the album "DOM", which became the fourth in the collection of studio longplayers after "Inside", "IPI", "+ - =". With him, the group traveled to major cities of Ukraine, collecting full houses.       BAHROMA twice participated in the National selection for Eurovision - in 2011 and 2019. It was there that the Ukrainian-language song “Forever-Forever” was presented, which quickly won the love of thousands of listeners.       The group does not slow down to this day and continues to conquer not only Ukraine but also Europe, annually speaking at major music festivals and concerts.This July was the beginning of a big change for BAHROMA - the composition of the group changed, and the music got a new sound. After almost 6 years of cooperation, the team members, with the exception of the frontman, decided to disperse. At the Odessa concert, which will be held on August 17 at the True Man Hot Boat art club, famous musicians from other Ukrainian groups will perform with Roman Bakharev, including representatives of the Masterskaya label Stas Korolev (YUKO), Igor Biryuchenko (YEYO), and Andrey Kobylyansky.       “We got an extraordinary musical collaboration. All the guys are ambitious, real professionals, who are very cool to work with. Everyone has their own character and vision of my music. I can say for sure that you will hear BAHROMA in a new sound. It will be different from the one our listener is used to, ”says Roman Bakharev.       Do not miss the special BAHROMA concert on the Black Sea at the True Man Hot Boat art club.

The poster of the event — Bahroma in True man Hot Boat