The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Tur "On the gondola from Vilkovo to Venice"

14 September 2019, 06:45
category: tour
from 885 to 915 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

Vilkovo – the Ukrainian Venice! Vilkovo is even better, and most importantly – Vilkovo closer. Took place in Venice and not half of that can be seen in Vilkovo: * wide Danube and the narrow, intricate, cozy Erika; * three crops of strawberries and wine Novak; * "Kilometer zero" and exit to the Black sea (clean & live); * Vilkovo strawberry and fish markets; * plantation of reeds the wild animals and good Vylkove citizens walking on their wooden kladochka from house to house and from store to collection; * long boats, swam in the yards; and... the cars that uncomfortable, such an abundance of floating the competition!  REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED VIA THE LINK: Summer schedule (from 27.04.):  Date and time: every Saturday and Sunday 06:45-20:00  Type: weekend tour  Cost: 915 UAH. adult (wine tasting), 885 UAH. children

The poster of the event — Tur "On the gondola from Vilkovo to Venice" in Location