The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Argyropulo in Nizhyn and surrounding area

15 September 2019, 15:00
category: tour
from 200 to 250 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

On a fascinating walk with the project "Architecture of Odessa", you will learn the history of houses and their owners, will see interesting places and architectural treasures of the streets of Nizhyn, Spiridonovski and Koblevsky. Let's go to a colorful building with a cylindrical projection with rounded staircase inside leading to the gallery in the other house will see unique recievie banisters of the main staircase, two-tone stained glass and gallery staircase in the courtyard with scenes of plants Restel. Come to the tower with a hidden screw technical ladder and consider an outstanding monument of art Nouveau, a striking creation of architect F. E. Kuhner, inside which the abundance has original carved doors and exquisite railings.  To enroll  Early payment Early ticket for one person — 200 ₴. Issued by PrivatBank card, details available after registration —  Contribution to the day's outing In a day's outing — 250 ₴, payable locally.  Where we come from From Tiraspol, 4, the angle Nijinsky. Where we finish On the corner of the Koblevsky and Noble.  Who To understand the essence and meaning of Odessa, walk to the interesting citizens, tourists, volunteers, tour guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers.  Who conducts a walk Dmitry Simatai, co-founder of the historic project "Architecture of Odessa", from 2008 examines the architecture of the city, tells her on walks, stories and articles on A walk made Alexander Levitsky, Valentina Demchenko and Dmitry Simatai. Questions answers Valentina's room: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see!

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