The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Tea Ceremony with a lively tea

14 September 2019, 17:00
category: more
250 UAH
place: The development center "the heart" (Troitskaya street, 21)

"As the water flows through all the vessels in the tea act, and later gets and in the man himself, at the same time, taking different shapes and changing their qualities, and the spirit is in this world, changing shape and quality. Just contemplate, not appreciating. Tea ceremony, the people involved in it and, finally, the tea merge in conscious tea action. So is crashing a lot and build a unity, one has only to realize its true nature. And already no more tea master or his guests and not even most of the tea ceremony, there is only the now moment and what is happening in the action of unity..." Cha Wu-Wei "108 notes of tea" Dear friends I am Pleased to invite You to an amazing event that combines meditation, mindfulness, the power of the present moment, the contemplation of beauty, sensations of aromas and flavors. The tea ceremony is a science, art, philosophy and spiritual practice. We are waiting for You on 14 September at 17:00 in TH Center of the "heart" at the address: Odessa city, Troitskaya street, 21. Conducts a tea ceremony, the tea master Nikolos, founder of the Chinese Tea, the many tea party events and festivals The participation fee is 250 UAH. Duration - up to 3 hours. The number of participants is not more than 10 people. Record by phone, Viber 073-066-87-99 Elena or personal message. See you at the event, which will remain not only in memory but also in your heart❤

The poster of the event — Tea Ceremony with a lively tea in The development center "the heart"