The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Musical and choreographic performance “Bacchae”

14 September 2019, 18:30
category: play
place: Theatre space "THEO" (Military descent, 18)

September 14 at the TEO musical-choreographic performance-performance “Bacchae”.              The play is based on the tragedy of Euripides, conceptualizing the myth of Dionysus, the god of winemaking and the productive forces of nature.       The young god comes to his homeland in Thebes to establish his cult, but meets resistance from King Pentheus, who considers the new cult to be immoral.       Faced with metamorphoses and animal instincts that are in each of us, turning a person inside out, Dionysus leads his heroes along the endless path of knowing the true self through ecstasy.              The action has been transferred to modern realities, the main events of the performance take place in a modern religious sect and underground night club “DIONYSOS!” Scenography that turns the entire theater into a nightclub with a bar and dance floor for the audience, modern choreography, eclecticism of relevant musical trends (TECHNO, IDM, AMBIENT, LIVE ELECTRO ACOUSTIСS) and shamanistic rituals of different peoples of the world performed live, as well as current issues, set in the ancient text - all this is intended to include the imagination of the viewer to enter the mystery and to correlate his personal experience with the idea of ​​the work.              Director - Dmitry Kostyuminsky       Composer - Alexey Retinsky       Guitar, voice - Eugene Bal       Voice, duduk, guitar, harmonica, Tibetan cup, ritual music - Sergey Golovin       Sound, live-set - Gennady Boychenko       Light - studio BLCK BOX, lighting designer - Mikhail Panchik       Producer - Julia YunDionysus (God) - Andrey Utenkov       Pentheus (son of Agave, pastor) - Ivan Makarenko       Agave (mother of Pentheus, abbess) - Nadezhda Marchenko       Chorus / Bacchus (sisters / wives of the community) - Love - Marina Razorenova; Frina - Tanya Dedyu; Greta - Katerina Gombkovskaya; Ksenia - Anna Yazkova; Erofei - Lilia Antonissen.       Tiresias (Faun, Bartender) - Eugene Bal              IMPORTANT!       Duration: 4.5 hours with two intervals.       Entrance to the theater from 18:30 (LIVE SET). Exactly at 19:00 the doors are closed.       Age limit 18+       It is not recommended for visiting pregnant women (strobe lights work) and people with an unstable psyche.       Ordering tickets by phone 0991818808.

The poster of the event — Musical and choreographic performance “Bacchae” in Theatre space "THEO"