The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Puppet theater for adults: Olesya. Mistification

12 September 2019, 19:00
category: play
150 UAH
place: Puppet theatre (street Pasteur, 15)

The performance is Ukrainian by me.            The Odessa Puppet Theater will host the premiere of 'Olesya. Hoax'. The director of the production is Ivan Uryvsky. Theater-goers are well aware of Ivan by their grandiose productions of 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors', which became his hallmark, 'Turandot' and 'Last Day of Summer'.     Ivan is a young director, and Olesya. Hoax 'will be his first puppet show. The work is based on the famous story Kuprin 'Olesya'. I must say that Ivan succeeds in surprisingly subtly and emotionally staging classical works, introducing the relevance of our time into them. 'Olesya' is a story about two lovers who were as different people as possible. In such cases, Love is often tragic. But perhaps only this feeling is able to give meaning to human existence.      4 puppets were created specifically for the production, Ivan Uryvsky worked on them together with the artist from Kiev Anastasia Ptashkina. Each doll is of human height. Choreographer - Pavel Ivlyushkin. They have been working on the performance for more than two months.

The poster of the event — Puppet theater for adults: Olesya. Mistification in Puppet theatre