The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

The cycle of lectures and excursions in Odessa with Sergey Azarov

14 September 2019, 17:00
category: tour
from 150 to 200 UAH
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I am convinced that the main asset of the city, of any city, is people. And my story is about people. About the people who built and created, created and glorified our city. About Odessa residents and guests of our glorious city, who left a mark in its history. Often a bright or very bright trail.              These are the stories of people who stood at the origins of the founding of the city, about people. who lived during the dawn of Odessa and about people who experienced difficult times with the city (and this is not only the period of the Romanian occupation during the Great Patriotic War).              They will also be stories about people who live and work in Odessa today. Right here and now. Right next to us and around us. Maybe you know one of them, maybe you know yourself in someone, maybe it will be someone from your relatives or neighbors, or maybe it will be you yourself.              If you have a chance to tell for yourself, for the business that you are doing now, I’m with great interest ready to find out for you closer and share this knowledge with those who are interested. Especially if you are the guardian of some kind of Odessa family tradition or are a representative of the Odessa dynasty in some generation (there are not so many Odessans left in Odessa today and your personal history, the history of your family may well be an urban legend which today is not enough who knows). And once again - I am ready to get to know you with great interest and share this knowledge with everyone who is interested.And starting this series “In Odessa ..” for the people who left their mark on the history of Odessa, I will start with the personality of Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov.               YOU WILL LEARN:       ✨How and why Vorontsov became the governor of the Novorossiysk Territory.       ✨What exactly did Mikhail Semenovich do for the city.       ✨History of burial and reburial of the remains of Vorontsov in Odessa.              AND:              ✨ The legacy that Vorontsov left for Odessa is still in the city and why no one uses it.       ✨Myths and legends of Vorontsov - Pushkin. . . . and debunking some of them.       ✨ And one more thing that many of us pass by almost every day without noticing.              IN WHICH FORMAT WILL THIS PASS?              We will meet at Pasteur Corner of Torgovaya, go down Torgovaya to Zhvanetsky Boulevard, through the mother-in-law's bridge to the Vorontsov Palace.       Perhaps we will go through Vorontsovsky Lane, and somewhere there you can ask questions, get answers, and see you soon. . .              Presenter Sergey Azarov       Two words for themselves:       “I love Odessa”              WHEN?       September 14 at 17:00              Excursion Duration: 1.5 hours              PRICE:       150 UAH for registration and prepayment       200 UAH per day of the event.              Limited number of seats!              REGISTRATION at the link:              We will publish the geolocation of the meeting place in the discussion

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