The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Milimani + Festival "milky way - Sol"

14 September 2019, 09:00
category: tour
350 UAH
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In the list of objects: sanatorium Kuyalnik, the Odessa Aero club, p. Ilyinka Museum, the story of the villages of Meglomania: S. Stara emetivka, maryanovka, sec. Severynivka, estuaries Kuyalnik and Khadzhibey, visit to festival "milky way - Sol" The program of the festival "milky way". We come to this location at the end of the tour "Meglomania": The program of the festival "the milky way. Salt" COASTAL LOCATIONS ◈12:00 - Starts a food court, horse riding, master-classes on blacksmithing, pottery, weaving with natural materials, painting salts, products made of wax, fighting (hand-to-hand and saber), power. ◈14:00 - the Ensemble of drummers. Opening ceremony Salt Water Race ◈15:20 - Historical reconstruction of the life in the salt fishery. The actors of the Odessa Ukrainian theatre named.Cornflower. ◈14:15-16:15 - competitions Salt Water Race BIG STAGE ◈14:00 Set by DJ Slash Jack 14:30 - 16:30 - Number of performances and performances of the group "Youth", "Cossacks", "Gildendorf-Hit wave", Lisa Kutsenko, Cossack cultural center and sports and dance performance of "the Chieftain." ◈16:40 - Flash Mob "United Milky Way" ◈16:50 - award winners Salt Water Race. 17:00 - bandura and beatbox / Georgy Matveev Viktor Chernev 18:00 - Felix Shinder and Money 20:00 - The best of Sympho Rock from the chamber orchestra of the Odessa Philharmonic 21:00 - Christina Solovey 22:00 Set by DJ Slash Jack

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