The events in Odessa at 17 September 2019

Business-snidanok "Sales sales on virobnitz"

17 September 2019, 11:00
category: more
500 UAH
place: The Restaurant "Reef" (Fontanskaja Doroga 77)

WHERE TO BE       ✔ At the restaurant, for a cup of Kavi, get the curvatures in the sales list.              ✔ Expertise Odessa, Kyiv, Poltavi (business analytics, CRM system, marketing, sales);              ✔ Three years of interactive dialogue format "Nutrition-vidovid"              FOR WHOM       ✔ Vlasnikіv bіznesu       ✔ Керівників відділу sale on virobnitsvі       ✔ Business Director       ✔ Technical directors              ЩО ВИ ДІЗНАЄТЕСЯ       ✔ How to change the system of sales of virology products       ✔ CRM on virobnitsvі. Successful Case       ✔ Points to the growth of your vіddіlu ochima ekspertіv       ✔ Sales Sales 2019       ✔ Komunіkatsії mіzh vіddіlamy. Chi is possible?              Specially requested guests:       Igor Solodov - an expert in managing people [for values].       You should ask him to attend a meeting at an auditorium with an audience of 1300+ people, as well as share his thoughts with the NBU cairns. For the version of Igor in 2019, enter the team of expert-influencers, as well as invest in HR development in Ukraine. And here’s the zi-hair of a huge restaurant Urban Space 100.       Holy first seminar Igor Provіv at the last table. Z tih pіr vіn pratsyuє a trainer for large organizations and sovereign attitudes.Already ten rokіv, yak vіn pratsyu for commercial companies also. The middle of such a company are Luxoft, Lohika, SoftServe, Intego group, OWOX, Wargaming, VISA, DTEK, Interpipe, Rozetka, Auchan.              Julia Lobuzova       • Business consultant with motivation and management of sales sales       • Co-founder UPGRADE Sales & Marketing Agency       • Author of the online sales and sales management course “Sales Transformer”       • Speaker Business Academy Genius Marketing (2018)       • Speaker and curator of the international business forum BENEFIT (2015-2017)              Vartіst participation 400 UAH.,       On September 12, the wartime will become 500 UAH.       * enter the login card              More details and registration:

The poster of the event — Business-snidanok "Sales sales on virobnitz" in The Restaurant "Reef"