The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

First Stage Zhong Yuan Qigong

10 October 2019, 09:00
category: the courses
from 1300 to 2600 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

We are sure that you ....       ☑️ Want to feel the power of inner energy,       ☑️ Want to meet your abilities,       ☑️ Want to be healthy.              That is why we boldly invite you to qigong healing practice classes at the Qigong and Oriental Practice Academy. A practice that has proven its worth and effectiveness for over 5,000 years              QIGON in translation means "energy management." Entering the world of Qigong, you will have the opportunity to change yourself - to become healthier, grow spiritually, come to integrity, unpack talent and become happier. After all, every person wants to be HEALTHY and HAPPY!       By practicing Qigong, new Ways of development, new visions open up! This is a holistic system of knowledge and techniques.                     1st stage - the basic stage. It is she who is the basis of the whole system. It is on it that they study the largest number of basic exercises and practices, which are the source in knowing oneself on a scale of the Universe!              All this is possible with desire and unwavering faith! Man himself is the creator of his life and only he is responsible for his environment, way of thinking and the current situation in his life.              MAKE the right choice on your Way - here and now!              After completing the 1st stage course of Zhun Yuan Qigong, you:       - believe in yourself and in your strength;       - immerse yourself in special meditations that will help to discover the ability to feel, and to someone to “see”;       - You can understand and realize how this system works on the physical, energy and spiritual levels;- you can feel the energy;       - learn to manage it;       - Learn how to fill with good energy;       - You can infer bad energy from yourself;       - get acquainted with the preparatory and basic exercises;       - You will practice the "Big Tree";       - learn how to convert energy;       - get acquainted with medical qigong;       - You can diagnose with your hand;       - Immerse yourself in the exercise "Small circle of heaven";       - Learn how to use Qigong in everyday life.              80% of practical exercises.       Ability to connect ONLINE.       Beginning of classes 10.10.2019       Cost: 2600 UAH.       Children's Qigong: 1300 UAH.       For community members - 20% discount              Duration of classes - 4 days for 3 hours.       The set is open in the morning (from 9.30 to 13.00) and evening (18.00 to 21.00) groups!       Time and days can be adjusted depending on the potential of the group members.       Location: Odessa, st. Cosmonauts, 32,       There is a set in the group - Children's Qigong: 1300 UAH.              Link to Viber Academy Community:              Link to the group in Telegram:              Registration with the Administrator:       +38 099 701 01 28       +38 063 070 42 42 (all instant messengers)              Leading Specialist Tatyana Plastun -       Level 3 therapist, instructor Zhong Yuan Qigong,personal student of master Xu Mingtang,       founder of the Academy of Qigong and Oriental Practices,       participant of the 1st Ukrainian-Chinese Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 2nd International Conference on Image Medicine,       participant of the 7th conference on Chinese figurative medicine in Kazakhstan,       participant in the 8th international conference on Chinese image medicine in Budapest,       She studied at the Kundawell Institute in Beijing.

The poster of the event — First Stage Zhong Yuan Qigong in Location